The APSPAYS.APP Virtual Gift Card

The APSPAYS.APP vGift Card can be redeemed for 100s of brands! Send directly to family, friends or co-workers or use yourself!
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APSPAYS.APP is committed to transforming the landscape of discrete purchases, providing unmatched convenience and confidentiality to our users.

Our mission is to offer a secure and private payment experience through our stored value cards, accepted seamlessly across an extensive network of participating retail establishments.

Prioritizing customer privacy, we ensure that personal data is never shared or sold. Coupled with a dedication to simplicity and security, we provide the option for a Pre-Paid Card on the Fly at select merchants, ensuring transactions are effortless and worry-free.

Join us as we redefine confidential and convenient payments, setting a new standard for privacy in every transaction..

Purchase an APSPAYS.APP Virtual Gift Card and send directly to Family, Friends or Co-Workers for any Occasion.

An email and text message will be sent electronically to the recipient with directions on how to redeem.

A Portion Of Each vGift Card Purchase Will Be Donated to our charitable Cause.

APSPAYS.APP vGift Cards can be sent virtually to Friends and Family to be redeemed for 100s of brands including Chipotle, Jiffy Lube, AMC Theaters and many more….

How does the APSPAYS.APP vGift Card work?

1. Purchase the APSPAYS.APP vGift Card
2. Send it to whomever you want.
3. The recipient receives the vGift and is instructed to continue to the next step and choose their desired nationally branded gift card.
4. Upon selecting their nationally branded gift card, they simply enter the unique token id (pin number), and it will instantly be activated and sent via email.

APSPAYS.APP vGift Cards are the perfect gift!

PURCHASE YOUR STORED VALUE CARD Cards Accepted at All Network Locations. We Make Sure Your Transactions Are Secure, Discrete, and Confidential. With stored value cards obtained through APSPAYS.APP you get access to thousands of stores within our nationwide network that are not usually available to non-members. With your APSPAYS.APP stored value card, you make completely confidential, stress-free purchases through our vast network of partners. Shop at any store in our participating network • Enjoy discounts only available through our network • Maintain Privacy • Shop at Your Favorite Local Stores • No Expiry Date on Stored Value Card

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