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Greater Wealth Works Gift Cards can be redeemed for 100s of brands! Send directly to family, friends or co-workers or use yourself!
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Greater Wealth Works ignites economic mobility and health equity for individuals and communities, empowering them to build sustainable financial futures through personalized coaching and entrepreneurial pathways. We champion self-reliance, small business success, and access to thriving careers, paving the way for a more prosperous and equitable future for all.

Purchase a GWW Virtual Gift Card and send directly to Family, Friends or Co-Workers for any Occasion.

An email and text message will be sent electronically to the recipient with directions on how to redeem.

A Portion Of Each GWW Gift Card Purchase Will Be Donated to our charitable Cause.

A Convenient Way to Support Greater Wealth Works!

GWW Gift Cards can be sent virtually to Friends and Family to be redeemed for 100s of brands including Chipotle, Jiffy Lube, AMC Theaters and many more….


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How does the virtual gift card work?

1. Purchase the Greater Wealth Works Gift Card
2. Send it to whomever you want.
3. The recipient receives the GWW Card and is instructed to continue to the next step and choose their desired nationally branded gift card.
4. Upon selecting their nationally branded gift card, they simply enter the unique token id (pin number), and it will instantly be activated and sent via email.

Traditional e-Gift Cards are the perfect gift!

Safe and secure e-Gift cards are the perfect gift which are purchased and given at times of celebration or to say simply say thank you!

The Greater Wealth Works card program was created as a new age fund raising program to redirect where you and your friends can purchase e-gift cards.

Many parents buy gift cards to give to their children’s educators, families, and friends. They are purchased at local supermarkets, drug stores and Big Box stores.

Now you and your friends can purchase the GWW Gift Card which can be redeemed for nationally branded e-gift cards.

A Portion Of Each GWW Gift Card Purchase Will Be Donated to our charitable cause.

Ready to participate?

Now you and your friends can purchase the V-GiftCard which can be exchanged for nationally branded e-gift cards.