What is a MOSS vCard?

A MOSS vCard is a Make Our Schools Safe Virtual Gift Card.

A friend, family member or acquaintance purchases a MOSS vCard which is then texted and emailed to the recipient.  The recipient then redeems the vCard for a Nationally Branded gift card on our site by clicking on the URL sent in the initial email.  

Once the Nationally Branded Gift Card is chosen a digital code and QR code will be sent by text and email.  Once received the recipient will present the code to the merchant at the register for redemption.  The merchant will enter the code and redeem for the amount to be paid.  If there is a balance it will remain on the account for future use.  

  1. Purchase the MOSS vCard for $5, $10, $25, $50 & $100.
  2. Send it by e-mail to friends, family or teachers.
  3. When your recipient receives the MOSS vCard, they then choose their desired nationally branded gift card.
  4. When they have selected their desired brand they simply enter the unique vCard token ID (pin number) and their branded gift card will be instantly activated, confirmed and sent by email.
  • For each MOSS vCard a percentage goes to Make Our Schools Safe.
  • If you are interested in participating when prompted, you can make a voluntary donation to Make Our Schools Safe.