Mission Statement:

“Ukrainian Adopt a School”

The Ukrainian school system has been devastated by the war. Many schools  need to be completely rebuilt, while others have had their computers and  furniture stolen, damaged or destroyed. Most schools in occupied and recently  liberated areas are currently closed leaving over 6 million students displaced. Distance learning is of vital importance.  However, access to laptops, desktops and the internet is limited.  The children of Ukraine can benefit greatly from your used laptops and school equipment.  In turn, your students will also  benefit from gaining access to upgraded equipment as well.

The “Ukrainian Adopt a School” allows American Schools the ability to aid in  the rebuilding of the Ukrainian school system.  By participating in this  program, you are giving the millions of displaced students a second chance at an education.

Together, we can broaden awareness through building relationships between  teachers. You can educate your students and faculty through a language  exchange with the students and faculty in Ukraine.  You will have the ability to view current events via a live feed and participate in teacher and community  volunteer exchanges.

Thank you for your help during these difficult times.